Corporate governance, IT risk management, cyber-security and internal controls are terms that are on the minds of most CEOs, CFOs and CIOs. Regardless of industry or organization size, the management team must understand, plan for and respond to increased potential for security breaches and higher expectations of its company’s control environment.

Not only are organizations now faced with an environment where phishing attacks, ransom-ware and data breaches and very real, everyday threats. But regulations for companies around their security efforts have also changed.

Recent court cases, federal and state actions and new compliance standards have changed the way companies design and monitor their internal control systems and manage risks. Management can now be held legally responsible for the effectiveness and operation of the internal control systems.

I can evaluated and enhanced the internal control systems of many organizations.

I understand and work with your team to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls. My approach to can be specifically tailored to meet your needs.